Our Guiding Principles:

  • We aspire to Ethical Living, Non Harming and Kind Conduct
  • We maintain a Beginners Mind so that we might meet others where they are
  • We believe that if we Cultivate Compassion we will also be cultivating it’s outgrowth – ACTION
  • We will maintain a Personal Practice of Meditation and Mindfulness and for many of Yoga as well so that We Are Practicing What We Teach



Our Training Objectives:

  • We have two primary branches: Compassionate Mindfulness for Clinician Wellness: We¬†train clinicians of all kinds to thrive and take care of themselves in our fairly insane and demanding healthcare system, and Mindfulness as a Complimentary Intervention: We educate and support healthcare clinicians in sharing and integrating the tools of mindfulness to their patients and clients. Who wouldn’t want a Physician, Nurse, Chaplain or Therapist who had the additional skills of mindfulness?We are focused on applying mindfulness to particular conditions including illness, chronic pain, trauma, addictions, and how to face death and dying. These are communities and conditions that can benefit a great deal from having skillfully trained clinicians at their side and with additional healthy, empowering tools. We have years of experience in this and have led the way for decades.


Our Teaching Goals:

  • We are dedicated to helping at risk and in need communities – those suffering from the burdens of chronic pain, illness, trauma and addictions. By training clinicians we reach their clients and patients with the skills and tools of embodied mindfulness, by teaching individuals in need in our workshops and classes we further support those who can benefit greatly from non invasive, accessible and practical techniques of mindfulness, meditation and when needed, yoga therapy.