Our Guiding Principles:


  • We aspire to Ethical Living, Non Harming and Kind Conduct
  • We maintain a Beginners Mind so that we might meet others where they are
  • We believe that if we Cultivate Compassion we will also be cultivating it’s outgrowth – ACTION
  • We will maintain a Personal Practice of Meditation and Mindfulness and for many of Yoga as well so that We Are Practicing What We Teach

Our Training Objectives:


  • To provide a foundation for the awareness and understanding of ones own body, mind and heart
  • To introduce and thoughtfully examine a variety of mind/body disciplines and tools that help alleviate or eradicate the suffering in others and ourselves
  • To form and nourish collaborations and community
  • To provide the context for stimulating multi-disciplinary discussions concerning wellness and well – being in the context of the interdependence of mental, emotional and physical realities
  • To encourage and support creative, compassionate action in each participants local community